Charlie´s Angels

This what you get if you become a world champion. A big golden Frisbee® !


6 thoughts on “Charlie´s Angels

  1. Lovely ladies…. surrounding Larry Hagman (from I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas)from left to right,
    Debbie Schultz, Ann Arbor, MI
    Patti Hipsky (Porto), Chicago, IL
    Jo Cahow, Los Angeles, CA (formerly Ann Arbor)
    Gail McCall, Toronto, Canada
    Marie Murphy, Chicago, IL

    This was the 1975 Rose Bowl Championship. These ladies had just won the guts championship round

    • Thanks Marie – I recognized all but Debbie Schultz. It wasn’t till 76 that more of us ladies showed up.

  2. Hey Marie, thanks for filling in the blank I had for Debbi Schultz. This photo is also posted in my facebook album “That 70’s Frisbee Show” which was made possible by Jo (Cahow) Berkus, who graciously sent me 3 of her Frisbee photo albums, so that I might scan and post them. (and maybe try to make a T-shirt or two)

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