The Secret Screenshot

Yesterday was the second screening of the editors cut trailer. Some people saw it twice and still love it. We are working on getting the online teaser out to you, so stay tuned. The support we are getting is overwhelming. Thank-you!


The Invisible String loves you


2 thoughts on “The Secret Screenshot

  1. Cannot wait for this trailer to make an appearance online. Have no clue as to the content, but, having lived in the world of the flying disc for 40 years, and known of the legend of its origins, I just can’t wait. Bring it on!

  2. Thanks you guys, so much for screening at the FPA Worlds party. That was wonderful. Can’t wait for the trailer to be released online… Hurry up! I am so excited to show the trailer to everyone I know. What is the plan for the release and distribution of the film? Have you gotten that far yet?
    Best of luck,

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