JO JO Comix

Found in Japan !!! The only ever made Frisbee manga comic named “Frisbee Boy”. It´s fantastic were this is leading, see for yourself


2 thoughts on “JO JO Comix

  1. Hey Boyz of da Hein! Check who the author of this Frisbee Boy comic is. It might be Nobuya Kobayashi. Former director of Hero Kobo and extraordinary writer and ghost writer in Japan. He also penned the auto-b for Nagashima Higeo, the greatest star in Japan’s baseball history. He was my boss for a few years and told me of his efforts to establish such a comic. He also had me audition for the “Capt America” role at Tokyo Disneyland. The kicker was that we could not suffice the creators with a “shield” that would do what they wanted it to do “live”. I did some crazy shit though at the audition. Urban assault frisbee! High-tech MF’n lawn darts!! Keep up the good work and I will continue to dub some sh*t onto dvd and get it to your drunk asses! I’m comin’ out to Euro this year, I believe. Lemme know when best time is? Thanks. YOU ALL ROC!

  2. Hey, we met Nobuya in Tokio, he had another comic (how to throw sort of thing). But not this one….. and by the way YOU ROC we see you every day in the editing room… Thanks

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