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3 thoughts on “Visit us on Kickstarter

  1. Viewed the short video on kickstarter. Stork says 1975 in the video, but the blue/green shirts worn by the participants are from the 1977 Rose Bowl. I participated 1974-1977. In 1978 they instituted a qualifying point system and I determined that I could not travel enough with my job to gather enough points.

    It’s great that you have put this project together. Also, it’s good to see that you resurrected the World Class Frisbee Master (WCFM) test and passed. Originally (1974 and 1975), the person who took the test and passed with the least number of mistakes was declared the world champion. For the original WCFMs, there was a gold-colored metal card (similar to the black one for Frisbee Masters) and a round jacket patch (which I still have). If you had the card in your wallet and went through airport security, it would set off the metal detector.

  2. hope you guys will have footage of the number 1 disc golfer in the world Nikko Locastro!!! He’s the future of this game

  3. I was a poor student at Kalamazoo College when I and Roy Carey both took the test from World Champion Bruce Koger. I could not afford to pay the fee to get the patch, the discs, and the card. I did get the paperwork. Roy would allow me to wear his jacket so we could psyche out Ultimate Teams at Tournaments. After all, we had 2 WCFMs on KCUF – the Kalamazoo College Ultimate Frisbee (Society) team. Guess who beat the Knights of Knee at Eastern Nationals.

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