Lost But Found

Thanks to Scott Starr we are able to show fantastic images from Palm Park and the great vibe from the early 80´s on. Scott Starr is the true action photographer from that time, and his archive is amazing. Next to Frisbee Freestyle photos he got famous  with Skateboarding and Snowboarding shots. Today he is the historian to ask if you have any questions about skateboarding, wave riding or snowboarding on the west coast. And he is publishing lost movies from the early years of surfing. We found great photos have a glimpse.


2 thoughts on “Lost But Found

  1. Howdy Greg, and all Jamaholics!!! Leaker here. I believe those are photos of my partner “Jeff Soto”. I’m pretty positive that the dog is “Benson”, the best disc dog I’ve ever known, and I had the flipping dog “Myth” who did the
    “Double Bitus” with “Benson” in the 80 or 81 disc calender….. Life is Jamtastic!!! Leak

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