The Support Continues

We are proud to announce that our supporters will receive high quality discs – as we mentioned before: we focus on quality. Disc sponsoring for The Invisible String will arrive from Germany, Russia and the original “Frisbee Country”, the USA.

The limited edition supporter mini disc is a wonderful 100% compostable product. This is a great way to promote our sport in a green way it´s the first mini-sportsdisc made of organic material. Thanks to Thom Napiralski, his vision and his Eurodisc XS.

A new Ultimate brand from Russia is supporting us with the limited edition silver disc. Their model the Aerocker One is a well flying  175g Ultimate disc. Aerocker designs are fresh and funky and the used plastic has a great grip and flexibility. Soon you will see them flying around the world.
For the gold edition limited edition supporter disc we are happy to announce that we teamed up with  Discovering The World. INC. Dan Mangone and his passion for Frisbee and the joy you can have with these flying discs is just the right one to team up with. Yes, this is the company to ask if you want to get your Logo on a Frisbee® brand disc.

Stay tuned for the limited edition designs. We will publish them very soon here on the site and thanks again for all your great support. If you want to buy a disc in the future check out the weblinks in this post. Support out supporters… And spread the word that our donation lines are still open.


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