Sneak Preview at Paganello

Paganello is one of the biggest Frisbee tournaments in the world. This time the beach of Fellinis hometown Rimini in Bella Italia provided a new location to watch a movie. The so called  ‘Paga-Circus’ is the main tent on the beach in the middle of the playing fields – hang out place during daytime and partylocation all night long. For the first time in 22 years the Friday-Night party started off with a movie: our sneak preview for the players!

It was showtime at 22:00 and the tent was filling up quickly. Cheering, shouting, laughing, clapping and the movie started off with a blast. Boom!! As Victor Malafronte would say! Many comments and shouts came along with the screening and we think that the Buzz-bee will be remembered. After the movie there was a meet and greet with the director and Jan and had to sign supporter discs. The sneak peak with a players-audience was a good one and makes The Invisible String ready for the World premiere in two weeks in Berlin.


One thought on “Sneak Preview at Paganello

  1. ..since i heard first about this project last year i am waiting impatiently to see the whole movie. is there a date when it will be released on dvd?

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