Supporter Packs Packed

Ughh, so long after the support was through we finaly got everything together and the shipping will be happening now! Thanks to Bill Wright and the Wrightlife we can ship all the US packs to him and he will help us sending the goddies across the USA. We will ship everything else from here. The reason why it took so long, the very special silver edition discs got lost and the disc company had to get us some new ones. We are very happy now. The DVD´s will be coming not before the offical worldwinde DVD release wich will be somtime after the US Premiere in early 2013. Thank you all…………….


12 thoughts on “Supporter Packs Packed

  1. I totally understand about the phenomenon of a box of custom printed discs getting lost in the mail. For me, it as an order of wedding minis ordered via DCW to a European vendor back in August 4, 1984 when Ron Kaufman ran the business. However when the date of the wedding was drawing near Ron (bless his soul) came through with a delivery of various generic minis to use at the wedding. Then all of a sudden 6 months late to the day, magically the original order arrived at the house!

  2. Hi guys!

    Sounds like you are almost there! I can’t wait to see what you have accomplished with all your wonderful efforts. I would also love to buy one of your DVDs, so if you can, here is my latest address:

    P.O. Box 447, Philo, CA 95466

    Let me know how much?

    Great to hear from you,

    Valerie Headrick

  3. Will there be an opportunity to update or confirm our addresses. I have had the unfortunate experience of having to move twice since the Kickstarter fundraiser ended in Feb. of 2011?

  4. The updates I received today are the first I have had in over a year. Looks like packets have not been shipped yet to US backers?

    • Hi chh and all other US backers. There is proof that the goodies have arrived in the US and they will be forwarded to you soon. If you happen to live close to the wrightlife in Ft. Collins,you might be able to minimize the waiting time by digging through the bowels of the shop, that is if that’s ok with Bill and the staff. For everyone else: stay patient.

  5. Looking forward to the end products. Yay! for Bill and his team for providing the needed extra support! Peace and flying disc into the new year.

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