Only four days to the US premiere


It’s great to see that the excitement continues. Players and protagonists from as distant places as Colorado and Kansas (and Berlin) are coming. The question how to get tickets is often asked, so please check the website and get your tickets there in packs. It’s the easiest way.



For the screenings we, the players and protagonists have to make sure in a friendly way, that there will be no way that any of us has to stay outside, therefore I recommend being there at least an hour early, reserve the needed seats and go out and play again to relax and get in the mood.


If some of you still remember the words of the IFA hymn then be prepared to sing out loud when you hear it while TIS takes you back to the 12th IFT tournament and the official Frisbee Day.





The US-premiere weekend will be a blast and hopefully it does not rain in California. Ironically that is exactly what the weather forecast is from Saturday to Monday: 30-40% rain and a drop of temperature to 15°C. So what, this cannot spoil that happening!


Have save trips and we’ll meet in SB.

Best Jan








6 thoughts on “Only four days to the US premiere

  1. I suppose it is a blessing in disguise that you never made any contact with me about Frisbee, since I have a very different perspective and historical background on how this all came to be and what it became versus what it originally was when I was seriously involved in the late 60’s and going forward. My name then was Tom Boda and I personally know most of the people you resourced for this video and I preceded most of them into the Frisbee world. My view would not generate popularity but I do hold to the ideals of Frisbee and not much for its commercialization or it’s presentation of sport rather than play.
    junah boda

    • Hi Junah Boda,

      Your inside stories are definetly wanted and o course your name came up often during the making of TIS. So we are actually honored to welcome you here on the page. Please keep in mind that the film was made because there is no such thing as a documentary on the sports and lifestyle and with a huge lack of money. If there will be a financing for a sequel you and Jim Palmeri are on the top of the list to become part of that next thing… While Michael, Greg and me were on that first shooting trip through CA in 2009 the schedule was soooooo tight you won’t believe it. So even though we love your beautiful disc designs and your stories we could not make it. And of course – as you know the history surrounding that airfoil – you cannot get it all in. It’s too rich, twisted, lovely, energetic, sometimes painful but simply unbelieveable.
      Best Jan

  2. Gosh, looks really neat. But somehow, having thrown a disc myself back in those early days, and possible having contributed in some small way to the growth of the sport (just saying), I’d have loved to have been told about a project like this. Much success to you and the film, though. Frisbee freely…..

    • Hi Kerry,
      Welcome on the page. Don’t you remember? I contated you personally while I was on the quest of the origiins of the first nail delay story. As the film took over 3 years to make it to the US must have forgotten that. Krae was the man who directed me your way and I’m very happy to say that you have a very special sequence in TIS. Hopefully we can make it to meet in the real world again, didn’t we meet at the Big throw event in NYC in 2010?
      Best greetings from the international Film Fest in Santa Barbara where that rare footage of you playing in Central Park in the 70s will be seen again this Monday night prime time at 8pm.

      • Well, I’m totally embarrassed and apologize profusely and yes, I do remember, just didn’t put our talk together with this project. So sorry, and I’d love to see the film in its entirety. It’s nice to see a project like this brought to completion. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Best of luck and let me know when it gets to Atlanta. Also, I’ll be in the City around 4th of July, hopefully, as well. I’ll watch for news of your success.

  3. Howdy from Canada. Really would like to see this film here. I played on the “GUTS” circuit for 20 years or so starting in 1972. We also showcased many of the other disc sports at those early tournaments. Please show it in southern Ontario. Thanks.

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