European DVD release spring 2013

Many players, protagonists and fans have asked for it and very soon THE INVISIBLE STRING will be available on DVD. A company from Cologne with the fine name MINDJAZZ will distribute the DVD this spring. (

As the release date comes closer and closer, there are many discussions going on about design and the extra contents of the DVD. Two things are for certain: there will be tons of fun involved! and you’ll be able to order it easily.

Stay tuned for more infos and keep in mind: Everyone interested in throwing plastiv should have one for research but nothing beats that feeling watching THE INVISIBLE STRING with your friends on the big screen!

Yes you can – have it all.

Bild 1


3 thoughts on “European DVD release spring 2013

  1. OK, that DVD release by mindjazz works for the EU, now looks from their website like it’s June 28, but what about the USA, birthplace of the Invisible String? It would also be great to have more showings here.

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