The Invisible String Tourdates

The Invisible String will be shown near you! (to be updated)

September 2013

  • Thursday, 12th, 7:15pm at Century 10 Ventura, CA. Ventura’s own 13-time World Frisbee Champion Chipper “Bro” Bell will attend along with other very special guests. Proceeds benefit the American Red Cross of Ventura County & the Ventura Film Society.

August 2013

  • Fri. 16th, ca. 19 h, Polish Premiere at the fine beach of Debki, Sandslash tournament, additional screening all weekend. Director Jan Bäss will bring DVDs and some urban clips from SIfFA.
  • Fri, 16th, 8:30 pm, open air at FPA Worlds, Santa Cruz, hosted by the Freestyle Linguist and the original  Mutant from Modesto: Mr. Skippy Jammer.

July 2013

  • Saturday, 6th, 9pm, Colosseum Calumet, MI. Special Screening at the 56th International Frisbee Tournament at the IFT Guts Hall of Fame. In attendance of the director Jan Bäss, introduction by Jeff Foss.

June 2013

  • Sa. 15. um 19 Uhr Kurbel Karlsruhe, Nachholtermin, erst Jam im Schlossgarten, dann Film und danach zur Party. Yeah!

Mai 2013

  • Thur. 30th, 19:00 AND 21:00 h, Vaasa, Finland Premiere at Ritz
  • Wed. 29th, 20:30, Prague, Czech Premiere at Kino Aero 
  • Mi. 22. 17.00 Uhr, Wolfenbüttel, CineStar, veranstaltet von – mit Disc Golf Präsentation im Vorfeld und Gästen: Jan Bäss, Gregor Marter und dem besonderen Gast: Avery Jenkins.
  • 10th or 11th, time tba, Copenhagen, Screening on the European Major Latitute 64 open, play a round with the director and then some. Special guests: Jan Bäss, Gregor Marter, Simon Lizotte

April 2013

  • Sun.April 28, 2013 2 pm – 7:30 pm
    Colorado Heights University, Denver, The Invisible String Festival, hosted by the Bill Wright and John Bird. Go out and play and then watch the movie!
  • ACHTUNG VERSCHOBEN !!! Sa. 2o. ca. 17:00, FÄLLT AUS, WIRD NACHGEHOLT!!! endlich auch in Karlsruhe!, Kurbel ° mit Freestyle Show der Weltmeister ° safe THE NEXT date!
  • Sa. 13. ca.19:00 Oberösterreich Premiere in Linz, Pichling SolarCity, OKIPS ° mit Freestyle Präsentation der dreifachen Vizeweltmeisterin Bianca Strunz und in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs °

March 2013

  • Wed. 27. 7 pm, Colorado Premiere hosted by Bill Wright in Ft. Collins at lyric cinema cafe
  • Sa. 23. 18:30, Saarlandpremiere in Saarbrücken, Camera ZWO
  • Sat. 9. at 4 pm, SLOIFF: Avila Beach Community Center, Avila Beach
  • Thur, 7. at 7 pm, SLOIFF premiere: Downtown Cinemas, San Luis Obispo

February 2013

  • So, 24., 13:oo, Münster Premieren Matinee, Cinema Programmkino organisiert vom Verein Die Linse
  • Sa, 2.,  22:30, Hannover, Apollo Kino
  • Fr, 1.,  22:30, Hannover, Apollo Kino

January 2013

  • Do, 31., 22:30, Hannover, Apollo Kino
  • Mi, 30., 20:15, Hannover Premiere, Apollo Kino
  • mon 28. 8pm, Santa Barbara, Metro 4, theatre 4: with crew & protagonists at SBIFF
  • sat 26. 1pm, Santa Barbara, Metro 4, theatre 1 US-premiere: with crew & protagonists at SBIFF

Dezember 2012

  • Mittwoch, 19.12., 19 Uhr, Köln: Odeon –  in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs
  • Montag, 17.12., 19 Uhr, Braunschweig: Universum – in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs
  • Samstag, 15.12., 22 Uhr, Kiel: Koki in der Pumpe
  • Freitag, 14.12., 22 Uhr, Leipzig: Nato –  in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs
  • Donnerstag, 13.12., 22 Uhr, Leipzig: Nato
  • Mittwoch, 12.12., 20 Uhr, Leipzig: Nato
  • Mittwoch, 12.12., 20:30 Uhr, Kiel: Koki in der Pumpe  –  in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs
  • Mittwoch, 5.12., 19:30 Uhr, Stuttgart: Atelier am Bollwerk, Arthaus Kino –  in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs

November 2012

  • Mittwoch, 29.11., 19 Uhr, Wien: Schickaneder –
  • Montag, 26.11., 19:30 Uhr, München: Monopol Kino
  • November 25th, 8 p.m.: Paseo 2 – Mar del Plata Film Fest, Diagonal Pueyrredon 3058
  • November 24th, 7.15 p.m.: Paseo 3 – Mar del Plata Film Fest, Diagonal Pueyrredon 3058
  • November 20th, 10 p.m.: Paseo 3 – Mar del Plata Film Fest, Diagonal Pueyrredon 3058
  • Freitag, 23.11., 19:30 Uhr, Heilbronn: Universum Arthaus Kino  
  • Samstag, 17.11., 20.Uhr, Potsdam: Filmmuseum

September 2012

  • 25th, Paju, South Corea 2nd screening at DMZ Docs Festival
  • 23rd, Paju, South Corea Premiere at DMZ Docs Festival
  • 19th, Hamburg, Germany: 3001 (theatre) show starts at 20:15h
  • 15th, Humlebæk, Danmark: Humle Bio (theatre) show starts at 20:30h

August 2012

  • 22th, Bremen, Germany: Schauburg (theatre) show starts at 19:30h

June 2012

  • Friday 29th, Schubert Kino, Graz, Austrian open air Premiere, organized by Fly in Danger and Sportunion Catchup Graz

April 2012

  • Tuesday 24th 19:15 Filmtheater am Friedrichshain, 2nd screening Achtung Berlin Festival
  • Sunday 22th 20:15, Babylon Berlin, World Premiere at Achtung Berlin Festival 

March 2012

  • Friday 6th, 21:30 Paganello, Rimini Italia, Pre-Premiere for the players at the worlds biggest flying disc event at easter

Enjoy The Invisible String, be there and bring your friends!


9 thoughts on “The Invisible String Tourdates

  1. Can I just buy a copy already. I know it’ll never come to my little northern town, birth place of Guts, or maybe it will.

    • This is a heavier case. Not only Australia but also remote… If you crawl out the outback and go straight for a loooong time. You might find a sign that reads: ‘Buy your TIS copy here’. But as you obviously have internet access, it’s probably easier to get a video on demand (VOD) version of TIS which will hopefully be available this summer. Did that answer your question Bruce, ahem sorry – Nic?

  2. Hello, my name is Regev and I’m inlove with frisbee ever since I was a teenager. I watched your trailer and this movie looks really great and very inspiring. I really (REALLY) want to watch your movie, is there any way that I could buy a copy? I live in Israel but I do own a paypal account and I don’t mind paying shipping and handling fees.

    • Hi Regnev,

      our DVD distributor is called mindjazz. They wanted to get the DVD out by now but due to some reasons they didn’t reach that goal yet. Hopefully this will be changed by the end of May. And you’ll be able to get the DVD in many places. It’s worth the wait as there will be extra materials.

      keep ’em up

  3. I was lucky enough to see TIS at the 56th Annual International Frisbee Tournament, July 6 in Calumet, Michigan. I was captivated and have never enjoyed a movie more.

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