Watch The Invisible String Documentary

The Frisbee® documentary

Watch The Invisible String

by Jan Bäss, Michael Osterhoff and Greg Marter from Berlin, Germany

This documentary is a journey into the hearts and minds of the people that started this movement and the subsequent individuals, whom all have paved the way for its continuing global development.

The Invisible String features influential players in the US, Europe and Japan. It’s a documentary about their personal stories, the fascination of flight and the joy of play with a flying disc. We follow the footsteps from the very beginnings of pie tin tossing to the biggest international play-togethers of today. We explain why Frisbees have ridges, why the Japanese love sidearms, and how Godzillas Puke fits into this context? You will find out!

Apart from the overwhelming support from the disc community, we are happy to have signed an international distribution contract with the renowned Boomtown Media Berlin and the production company Joroni Film. The filming and pre-production was supported by the national Mediaboard Berlin/Brandenburg.

The Invisible String has been shown in international movie theaters and screened at film festivals.

JOIN US on this unique trip and become involved with this feature-length movie about the joy of play!

. ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° . ° .

Europeans have it better! You can WATCH The Invisible String online, per video on demand on the Berlin based platform REALEYZ.

This is the link:

The DVD is also still available at selected disc stores like SuperFly in Bremen or Discmania in Berlin. Also Amazon has the silver disc in the racks. If you want a signed by the director DVD, check Jan out and write a comment.

Enjoy life with flying discs

54 thoughts on “Watch The Invisible String Documentary

    • My brother, who lives in Germany, is a German Discgolf Champion. He recently played in the Worlds held in Portland, Oregon. He is friends with many of the Worlds Champions and has a very unique friendship with Crazy John Brooks. We would like to know if your documentary will be re-released anytime soon. With the fast growing interest in the sport it would benefit all those involved in this challenging sport and help influence future players if you would consider a way for thousands of us to see The Invisible String. Thank you for your consideration.

      with many

      • Hi Eva,
        Thanks for your message!TIS is still in limbo of getting released in the US. All I can offer is the European DVD (pal), available through direct order from the director Jan, or selected disc stores like SuperFly in Bremen or Discmania in Berlin or Amazon…
        The Berlin based online platform realeyz offers video on demand for Europeans only.Sorry for this super late reply.
        best Jan

  1. hallo leute super daß ihr den film gemacht habt, eine befreiung, genial.
    wann und wo kann man den film als dvd kaufen? wenn ich zur zeit im netz nach invisible string suche lande ich bei damenunterwäsche!!!!?
    bitte gebt mir bescheid.
    gruß gregor

  2. AAARGH! Now I missed the date in Munich! Just because I am not on f*&%$” facebook! How I loathe facebook.

  3. Hallo,
    wisst ihr vielleicht jetzt wann die DVD rauskommen wird? Vielleicht noch vor Weihnachten, perfekt als Weihnachtsgeschenk also ;)?

  4. Did you create Facebook events for the showing in Santa Barbara? Post it to

  5. I saw the film in Bremen and I absolutely loved it. Have been telling all my frisbee friends in the UK about it. Now everyone wants to see it… will there be a showing in the UK any time soon? Or any updates on the DVD release date?

    • Hi Ronja,

      The UK is hopefully on the scedule this year too, no specific dates yet but the will to present TIS in the UK is strong.
      DVD release date for Europe is late March. Check the mindjazz-pictures website to believe that. And we’ll keep you updated as well.
      Greetings from Berlin, Jan

  6. The San Luis Obispo Film Fest. begins in early March. Will they be screening your film?

    • Hi Jim,
      SLOIFF is happy to host TIS and these are the screening times:

      Thursday, March 7 at 7pm at Downtown Cinemas, San Luis Obispo
      Sat. March 9 at 4pm at Avila Beach Community Center, Avila Beach

      TK and Skippy will be the official representers, which is great news. Please support them and the movie with a raving audience.

  7. Hello,
    I would like to find a showing or host one in Bridgeport CT.(Home of the Frisbie). Let me know as we have a strong Frisbee community in the area.
    Thanks, DanO

  8. Is there a date for a showing in Belgium? It’s tiny land, but we love frisbee too here 🙂

    • Every place should have a TIS screening. Any ideas about a festival or about another event where TIS can be shown on the biggest screen possible is deeply appreciated.

  9. How come I wasn’t asked to be in the movie…signed egotistical over-the-hill, wanna-be, what-if, coulda-been plastic lover (can’t wait to see it)

  10. Am so looking forward to seeing this documentary. To air is Divine. Frisbee changed my life. Started my frisbee quest as a UFO, Santa Rosa, CA., 1976. . .thank you John Bird

  11. What honestly stimulated you to write “The Invisible String | a documentary about what?
    ”? Iabsolutely adored the blog post! Thanks for your time -Shawnee

    • Hi Shawnee, Thanks for your compliment. Is it a compliment? I’ll take it as a yes. It’s hard to say what it’s all about as everyone catches and passes something else. To me the strenght to keep up with making the film came from the beauty of letting a disc fly at any given moment, place, time, context to live it and remember it!
      AND I wanted to see a discumentary on the big screen – but it wasn’t there.

    • Adam, the chances are there to grasp. It’s all taking a lot of time but it’s extremely satisfying to watch TIS on the big screen with your friends. Any connections to a festival nearby make things a lot of easier though.

    • Hi Kim, you are right. And we are as sad as you when mindjazz told us that they were not able to release the DVD by March. New date is May. Please stay patient, it will be worth the wait.

  12. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing
    around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  13. As a Disc Golf professional, I find it amazing that the new generation of Disc Golfers know nothing about the roots of our sport. When we begin free styling, playing DDC or trying to explain GUTS to these newbies they look like deer in the headlights. I have to show them what it said on the early Whamo Discs, Have Fun, Invent Games.
    I’ve been following the progress of your documentary for quite a while now and I can’t wait to see the finished project. As the local wise old Frisbee Guru it will be great to have a copy of this DVD so I can explain the evolution of both the flying disc and disc sports in general. I’ll continue waiting patiently for it’s release, and if there are any premiers scheduled for the Gulf Coast Area, let us know.

    “Still Spastic for Plastic”
    Disc Daddy
    Dale McVeay

    • Hi Disc Daddy Dale, you are so right: like deer in headlight. I hope that the missing link to the US will be crushed and that there will be chances for everyone to get TIS in the US. It was one of the main ideas to show all players that there is WAY more out there than just the game that you’re playing at the moment.

  14. hey folks of ‘air is divine”, you got it celebrate source of non gravity, its like manifested dreams, and one day we don,t need no more Facebook, just fly with the spirits to communicate.let the devine take care of us all, go with the flow from the french rivera.dvd is out???

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